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Interested in joining the Klumm Bros. team? We are always looking for talented, ambitious, team-oriented individuals to join our growing organization. We offer long-term opportunity to individuals with the attitude, drive, and commitment to help build a better work place. We offer competitive compensation and benefits. Please see some of our positions and fill out the form below, and our team will contact you. You can also email your résumé to [email protected]

CDL Driver positions

Dump Truck Drivers are responsible for operating tandem, tri, or quad axle trucks to transport dirt, aggregate, asphalt grindings, broken concrete and other materials or equipment to various job site and customers.

Roll-Off Dumpster Drivers operate a heavy-duty truck and are responsible for preparing, loading, and transporting roll off dumpsters and compactors to disposal sites, recycle facilities, and customer locations. Roll-off drivers must be highly skilled in backing, maneuvers are essential to successfully perform this job.

Front Load Garbage Truck Drivers operate heavy-duty trucks and are responsible for the collection of residential household waste or recyclables and front load dumpsters at business. Driver will transport the material to a landfill or recycle facility when trucks reaches capacity. Driver safely maneuvers vehicle in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Navigates high traffic and congested roadways, driveways, alleyways, and lots.

Semi drivers are responsible for driving a semi with flatbed, dump, open top, and equipment trailers.

Labor Positions

Waste Helper – assists the Residential Route Driver in the collection of Waste and /or Recyclable material. Helper may also be part of our recycling sorting line and be responsible for ensuring proper placement and sorting materials on the conveyor line by performing the following duties. Inspect materials and sort items or materials into piles or places in container according to type, size, condition, coloring or paper grade. Pull contaminants out of paper or off of floor.

Construction/Demolition Labor – Operate a variety of hand and power tools, including drills, laser, compactors, and other hand tools. Task such as, hand raking, digging trenches, laying pipe, sorting scrap job site cleanup, and other task would be part of your day. Maintain a safe and clean job site by handling materials and storing them properly, picking up and removing all tools and equipment when not in use, and securing the job site on a daily basis. Load and unload construction supplies from trucks both manually and with the use of equipment.

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