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Klumm Bros. is available to provide erosion control and seeding services post-excavation or building demolition. Our goal is to leave you with a site that’s properly prepared for whatever comes next—whether it’s a new development or restoration of foliage. Our capabilities include various types of hydroseeding, erosion control planning, and stormwater pollution prevention.

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Hydroseeding in Holland, Toledo, and Lucas County, OH is the quickest way to re-seed recently excavated land. We mix seed and fibrous material to ensure the perfect slurry for spraying all types of properties. Whether we’re applying new grass seed to a graded lot or seeding wildflowers to a field, rest assured we’ll use proper mixing and spraying technique for optimal coverage.We also use the very best seed and slurry mix materials. This ensures healthy grass and wildflower growth, aided by absorptive materials like cellulose fiber and pulp. The water retention capacity and consistent coverage of our applications makes for lush, verdant tracts of land quicker than conventional seeding methods.

  • Athletic fields
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Roadsides
  • Temporary lots
  • Wetlands
  • Wildflower seeding

Erosion Control Services

Erosion control in Holland, OH is important in preserving the integrity of graded land. Without proper erosion control, heavy rains create runoff, which can lead to everything from nutrient depletion to extreme soil saturation. Erosion issues prevent developments from taking form.

We mitigate erosion in a variety of ways. Some cases are simply solved through grading. Others take seeding and planting of foliage to create natural erosion barriers. We can even advise on proper erosion barrier installation. We’re committed to helping you protect the integrity of your land.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

We’re experienced site prep specialists with the ability to develop and implement stormwater pollution prevention plans for construction sites. Consult with us about how to prevent stormwater from altering soil composition and construction staking while you prepare the land for a long-lasting development.

Invest in Site Prep Solutions

For more information about how to prepare your land for development, contact Klumm Bros. today at 419-829-3166. We’re ready to advise on hydroseeding, erosion control and stormwater runoff prevention, so you can move forward with plans for your site.