March 10, 2020

"Well I'm not getting the dumpster till the 18th, but the person I talked to was very helpful, answered all my questions and made renting an easy experience"
December 4, 2019

"I would and will recommend the Klumm Bro’s exceptionable business and way of doing business to anyone. They were prompt, quick and thorough. Their attention to detail was beyond belief. The friendliness of the crew made the project enjoyable. The project location is highly visible on a state highway and next to a operating business. They never interfered with the business traffic, and quite honestly a minute after completion there was no visible evidence of the structure that was there and no evidence that any heavy machinery was there either. Very quick and precise._I know two of the other demolition companies in the area, and their business practices and employees terrified me. So much so I asked a close friend - Who highly recommended Klumm Bro’s. I am impressed! They helped me and guided me through some tough procedures. I will be using them again for other projects._Tim"
October 22, 2019

"Always dependable and drivers are the best."
August 23, 2019

"These guys are great. Follow through and deliver every time!"
July 31, 2019

"Would thoroughly recommend this company to anybody. Was treated great by them, and if I needed their services in the future I would not hesitate to give them a call."