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Four Important Benefits of Crushed Recycled Concrete

August 4, 2021

When you demolish an old building site, there’s plenty of materials left over—including concrete. Luckily, concrete can easily be recycled so it can be used again. That cuts down on waste and keeps our planet happy. Whether you’re getting ready to tear up an old driveway or repave your new property, it’s worth learning about the benefits of crushed recycled concrete. Here’s what you need to know before you call concrete crushing services. Recycling saves you time and money Whether you’re hiring a concrete crushing service or using recycled concrete in your next project, recycling your concrete can save you... View Article

Top Benefits of Hiring a Dump Truck Hauling Service

July 12, 2021

If you’re undertaking a construction project, there’s going to be a significant amount of garbage and construction waste that needs to be removed. Part of the project is figuring out how to get that debris where it needs to go. You could have your employees do it for you, but there’s a better way. A superior way to clear your construction site in Holland, OH is to use dump truck services. There are several benefits to using dump trucking companies—here are a few of them. Safety The saying “safety first” is applicable here for a reason. If you have your... View Article

Nine Questions About the Future of Waste and Recycling in 2021

June 28, 2021

It’s nearly impossible to think about the future without considering the state of our planet. A major factor affecting the future of the planet is how we dispose of our waste. As the world’s population grows exponentially, there is more waste than ever to take care of. Recycling is more of a focal point than ever, and this includes industrial materials like concrete. If you live in Lucas County, OH, hiring a dump trucking company to handle your industrial waste would be wise. Here are nine questions and answers about the future of waste disposal and recycling. Can recycling be... View Article

Tips for Reducing and Managing Waste on Commercial Properties

June 24, 2021

Did you know that about 600 million tons of debris are generated annually from construction and demolition? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this is more than twice the amount of municipal solid waste generated each year. To help cut down on that staggering amount, as well as potentially reduce the amount you’ll need to pay in dump truck services in Holland, OH, here are some tips on reducing and managing the amount of construction waste generated on your project. Destruction rather than demolition One way to reduce the amount of waste you will need to have hauled away... View Article

Four Essential Summer Recycling Tips for Your Construction Site

June 10, 2021

Sometimes a construction project also involves a fair amount of destruction. When this is the case, no matter if it’s a small job or a large job like tearing down an old building, you will need to find something to do with the debris. There can be a significant amount of debris from a construction or demolition project. Sometimes there will be too much to haul away on your own, and you’ll need to look for dump trucking companies in Lucas County, OH to clean up the site during and after construction. Instead of hauling everything away to the dump,... View Article