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Six Ways to Improve Your Recycling Game

April 28, 2021

Reducing, reusing and recycling—the three Rs—are crucial in reducing our carbon footprints and helping to save the environment. While all three Rs are fairly simple to understand and practice, many of us could be better at recycling. This post from your experts in concrete recycling in Holland, OH will cover a few easy ways to ensure you’re the best recycler on the block. Think before you buy Being a better recycler starts at the store when you’re shopping for groceries or other goods. When you’re deciding between two comparable products, go for the one with recyclable packaging. Better yet, look... View Article

Five Factors to Consider Before Selecting Residential Trash Pickup Services

April 12, 2021

Residential garbage pickup in 43528 can offer all kinds of benefits, including better curb appeal, reduced wildlife activity and greater convenience for property owners. If you’re planning on investing in residential trash pickup services, you might be trying to choose the right service provider for your needs. To make the process easier, keep reading for some key factors to consider when selecting residential garbage pickup in 43528. Choosing the right trash pickup service Choosing a trash pickup service can seem daunting, but there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed. Focusing on some key factors can make it much easier to select... View Article

The Benefits of Garbage Pickup

March 29, 2021

No matter your lifestyle or habits, it’s likely that your household produces a fair amount of garbage on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis. In fact, every year, Americans produce over 220 million tons of waste and this creates a host of considerations for local governments and environmental agencies. To prevent the safety risks of excessive waste production, it’s important for households to have access to reliable garbage pickup in 43528. Why waste services in 43528 are so important A lot of people pile up garbage and take it to the dump themselves periodically, but this kind of system... View Article

Why You Should Repurpose Your Concrete

March 9, 2021

Concrete is used for everything—sidewalks, buildings, even marine habitats. We’re surrounded by a material that too often ends up in landfills because contractors in Toledo, OH neglect the reusability factor of concrete. This common building material not only serves countless uses, but has the added benefits of helping to save the environment and cutting down on construction costs. Here are some of the many ways contractors can incorporate concrete recycling into their projects. Environmental benefits As with any other recyclable material, concrete reused for new projects minimizes the amount of waste that gets dumped in Toledo, OH landfills. Crushed concrete... View Article

What Can’t You Recycle?

February 23, 2021

Separating trash from recyclables is more complicated than you might think. Plastic water bottles are a no brainer, but plastic shopping bags are a different story. And just because glass jars are recyclable doesn’t mean glass dishware can go in the bin, too. Before taking out the trash on garbage removal day, take a look at what people in Holland, OH think is recyclable but actually is not. Greasy pizza boxes Cardboard is recyclable, but not if it’s soaked in grease. Any item with heavy food stains should go in the garbage, even if the material itself is listed as... View Article