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15 Best Recycling Tips at Home, Work or School

November 18, 2021

Humans can generate a lot of trash. The more garbage we create, the more of a burden we put on the planet. That’s why everyone from the government to businesses and schools promote better recycling practices. You’d be amazed at what you can save from the landfill with just a few home recycling tips or work recycling tips. Here are our best recycling tips to use at home, work or school: Know what can be recycled: The most important thing you need to know is what your local waste management company and recycler will accept. Glass, cardboard, paper and certain... View Article

Recycling and Reusing Concrete

October 7, 2021

Not everyone realizes that you can recycle concrete. In fact, there are a multitude of uses for recycled concrete. Recycling concrete also helps cut back on construction waste and is a great way to save on certain fees. The concrete recycling process itself is quite interesting, and typically involves crushing or pulverizing old materials through the use of specialized tools. Read on if you’re interested in learning about ways to recycle and reuse concrete. The concrete recycling process So, what is involved in concrete recycling? As mentioned above, concrete is usually recycled through crushing or pulverizing the old material. The... View Article

Interesting Facts About Recycling

September 23, 2021

What is important to know about recycling? Everyone knows it’s good for the environment, but there’s plenty people don’t know about recycling. For example, did you know that it’s best to crush your water bottles before sending them to a recycling center? This can help prevent bottle caps from shooting off all over the place during the recycling process. Read on if you’re interested in learning even more interesting facts about recycling: Avoid putting plastic bags in a recycling bin: While you can recycle plastic bags, it’s important to keep them out of the recycling bin. Plastic bags can cause... View Article

How Recycling Has Changed Over the Years

September 18, 2021

New knowledge, technology and innovation have changed the way we do everything. Recycling is no exception. Has recycling evolved since it started? Definitely. Over the years, we have learned more about how to protect, conserve and reuse resources in better ways. The recycling industry has come into being and has continued to change with the times to better respond to our environmental needs. How has recycling changed in 2021? It continues to evolve to meet the challenges of new waste materials and disposal methods. Let’s take a look at some background on waste, disposal and recycling to see how this... View Article

Four Important Benefits of Crushed Recycled Concrete

August 4, 2021

When you demolish an old building site, there’s plenty of materials left over—including concrete. Luckily, concrete can easily be recycled so it can be used again. That cuts down on waste and keeps our planet happy. Whether you’re getting ready to tear up an old driveway or repave your new property, it’s worth learning about the benefits of crushed recycled concrete. Here’s what you need to know before you call concrete crushing services. Recycling saves you time and money Whether you’re hiring a concrete crushing service or using recycled concrete in your next project, recycling your concrete can save you... View Article