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15 Best Recycling Tips at Home, Work or School

November 18, 2021

Humans can generate a lot of trash. The more garbage we create, the more of a burden we put on the planet. That’s why everyone from the government to businesses and schools promote better recycling practices. You’d be amazed at what you can save from the landfill with just a few home recycling tips or work recycling tips.

Here are our best recycling tips to use at home, work or school:

  • Know what can be recycled: The most important thing you need to know is what your local waste management company and recycler will accept. Glass, cardboard, paper and certain kinds of plastic are usually accepted. Check their website, or give them a call to find out more.
  • Keep recycling bins handy: To encourage recycling at home, work and school, make sure the recycling bins are easy to find and well
  • Flatten boxes: If you’re getting rid of cardboard boxes, break them down, and flatten them first. This makes more room for other recyclables.
  • Wash off food waste: To cut down on food odors, rinse off food waste before placing glass and plastic containers in the bin.
  • Pack your own lunch: When you bring your own lunch in reusable containers, you cut down on the number of single-use containers and utensils used when buying lunch.
  • Bring your own water bottle or coffee mug: Similarly, bringing your own reusable water bottle or mug will cut down on plastic and paper waste.
  • Carry your own shopping bags: Plastic bags are wasteful. A better solution is to use your own canvas or nylon shopping bags whenever you go out. Keep them in your trunk for easy access.
  • Consider “precycling”: Think about how you’ll recycle supplies before you use them, like using old newspaper to pad packaging.
  • Visit your local recycler: If your waste management company won’t recycle certain items, it’s worth visiting the recycler to see if they will—or if they have better ideas.
  • Donate unused office or school supplies: Donate any unused supplies to charities for children.
  • Use both sides of your paper and then recycle: Always use both sides of paper whenever possible—it’s a leading cause of waste in offices and school.
  • Shred paper for the compost pile or mulch: When you’re done using paper, shred it and use it as mulch or in your compost pile.
  • Donate old trophies to trophy recyclers: There are certain companies who will recycle old trophies once you’re done enjoying them.
  • Use old clothes as rags: Rip up old T-shirts and jeans to use as cleaning rags around the home.
  • Use old toothbrushes for cleaning: Finally, save your old toothbrushes, and use them to clean hard-to-reach places or your fine jewelry.

The more waste we can keep out of the landfill, the better. These recycling tips will ensure that your home, office or school is as waste free as possible.

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