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Deconstruction vs. Demolition Contractors in Toledo, OH: What’s the Difference?

December 15, 2018

Deconstruction and demolition both destroy things, right? They are pretty much the same thing, correct? Actually, there are some key differences between deconstruction and demolition. Your demolition contractor in Toledo, OH offers the following guide to educate consumers about these two services.

What is demolition?

Demolition contractors in Toledo, OH are charged with the complex task of dismantling sites. Demolition involves structural dismantlement, salvage, site clearance, environmental remediation, industrial recovery and recycling. Demolition contractors use hydraulic equipment and specialized tools to complete these tasks. Common equipment includes cranes, wrecking balls, loaders and explosives.

What is deconstruction?

If a company chooses deconstruction instead of demolition, they attempt to maximize the salvageable materials from the site. Rather than use larger machinery and explosives, deconstruction usually involves hand demolition. Contractors sort the materials during the job to reuse as much as possible.

Demolition contractors in Toledo, OH also salvage as much as they can. However, their methods make the job go much more quickly than deconstruction.

What’s the difference?

Since both demolition and deconstruction contractors dismantle structures, and both have the goal of maximizing the recycled material from the site, there is little difference between the two. The main characteristic that differentiates the processes is the labor and time involved. Deconstruction’s reliance on hand dismantlement creates a more labor-intensive and time-consuming project.

What happens to the materials involved?

Demolition contractors in Toledo, OH produce little waste. About 90 percent of the materials are salvaged and reused or recycled. This includes brick, steel, insulation, tiles, flooring, concrete, wiring, carpet, roofing, wood and more. Demolition contractors remove these materials before the site is demolished to be able to provide them for future use.

Are there different types of demolition?

No two demolition jobs are exactly alike. There are also subcategories of demolition. Interior demolition involves the tearing down of interior walls and spaces only. Industrial demolition jobs are completed on structures that produce goods, such as oil refineries and chemical plants. Commercial demolition requires the dismantlement of commercial properties such as stores or office buildings.

Does all demolition involve explosives?

Explosives are actually a rather small part of the work of demolition contractors in Toledo, OH. However, this method can be very efficient and effective for certain projects. Using explosives in demolition requires specialized knowledge of these products and the engineering of structures. Often, demolition companies subcontract this work to licensed specialists within the industry.

Is demolition environmentally friendly?

The demolition industry focuses on environmental stewardship. Demolition contractors in Toledo, OH work to improve the environment by removing unsafe structures, completing remediation to remove hazardous materials and rehabilitate sites for new potential uses.

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