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Salt Shortage: Its Impact on Snow and Ice Management Services in Toledo, OH

December 1, 2018

Every winter comes with its own challenges. Some seasons are filled with heavy snow-dumps that keep everyone indoors for days. Others bring ice and sleet that keep motorists guessing about road conditions. This year, the big challenge for winter will be a salt shortage. How does this affect Snow and Ice management Services in Toledo, OH and, more importantly, the end user, you?
The salt shortage will definitely have an impact on services this winter. Here’s the FAQ to help keep you informed about the top issues it may cause this season.

Why is there a salt shortage?

While salt is an abundant resource around the world, consumers can still experience a shortage of this product. This occurs when there isn’t enough harvested salt to go around for high-demand markets. This shortage may be present for an entire season, or it may occur in late winter, after multiple unforeseen snow events deplete the planned supplies.

This year, we will see a salt shortage largely due to a lengthy strike at a salt mine in Goderich, Ontario. The 12-week work stoppage put a large dent in the salt piles that are normally accumulated during the summer months. In fact, the supplies are reported to be 40 percent smaller than their typical volumes. Another supplier suffered a leak that has put one of its mines below optimal performance and has been unable to catch up from depleted supplies last year.

Due to the shortage, major salt suppliers have informed many private contractors that no salt supply will be available to them.

Who does the salt shortage affect?

Snow and Ice management in Toledo, OH that would normally provide salt services may be unable to provide these services, or may have to charge higher prices. Anyone who relies on private services for their salting could be affected by this shortage, So the end user is greatly affected!

Will prices go up due to the salt shortage?

With North American salt supplies limited, Snow and Ice Management Companies in Toledo, OH will have to look to other sources for their salt. Importing salt from around the world is obviously more expensive than more local sources, so prices will inevitably be higher.

What can I do to help cope with the shortage?

To prepare for the salt shortage this winter, companies and consumers should budget more than usual for their salt services. To reduce the amount of salt required, they can pre-treat roads, parking lots and walkways with anti-icing materials.

Who can I contact for salt truck services in Toledo, OH?

For reliable Snow and Ice Management Services in Toledo, OH, contact a local provider. The professionals at Klumm Bros. have been the go-to source for these services in the area since 1989.

Minimize the Impact

The salt shortage is likely to affect everyone in the Snow and Ice Management Service Industry in Toledo, OH. However, you can always count on the team at Klumm Bros. to deliver superior service and quality products. If you need any trucking services this winter, contact our professionals. We offer a full range of residential, commercial and industrial services. Reach out to our friendly staff today with any questions or to get started on your next job.

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