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The Environmental Impacts of Concrete and Concrete Recycling in Toledo, OH

May 14, 2019

Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials for building and construction, but a lot of people don’t know much about the specifics of this popular material. The production of concrete is a complicated process and it can have some serious environmental implications that are important to consider.

Read on to find out more about the environmental effects of concrete production and the importance of concrete recycling in Toledo, OH.

Concrete Production and the Environment

Concrete is produced using a base of limestone combined with other filler materials like clay. These materials are heated to high temperatures to produce a chemical reaction that produces silicates that can be ground down into a fine powder. This powder is then combined with gypsum, a material that helps set cement when it’s applied. To create concrete, this cement mixture is mixed with gravel, sand and water (aggregate).

Every aspect of the concrete production process has an impact on the environment. From the mining of concrete components and the heating and grinding of the concrete mixture, there are some serious effects of concrete production that are important to consider.

Concrete production produces pollution, relies on the use of fossil fuels and often contributes to a significant amount of waste. Because of all of the environmental effects of concrete production, it’s important for the concrete industry and business owners who rely on the use of concrete to mitigate the potential harm and minimize waste.

Concrete Recycling

In order to prevent excessive waste and minimize detrimental effects, concrete recycling processes have been developed. Concrete recycling in Toledo, OH promotes the reuse of concrete after it’s removed, to prevent excess concrete materials from being sent to the landfill and wasted.

During concrete recycling, contractors break up existing cement, remove it for the site, process and crush the material and use it as a type of filler for other types of paving. Concrete recycling isn’t just good for the environment, it can also have economic benefits and help companies save money on paving projects.

If you’re planning on removing concrete pavement from your site in preparation of a new development or a construction project, it’s important to consider concrete recycling as an alternative to disposing of material in a landfill. Look for a local contractor who offers concrete recycling in Toledo, OH the next time you have a project that involves concrete removal.

Concrete removal services can reduce the environmental impact of your project and help you reduce waste on your property.

Concrete Recycling in Toledo, OH

At Klumm Bros., we know how beneficial concrete recycling in Toledo, OH can be and that’s why we’re proud to offer this service. In addition to concrete recycling, our team also offers excavation, demolition, roll off dumpsters and dump trucking service. Since 1989, our team has been dedicated to delivering the best services possible to commercial, residential and industrial customers alike. You can find out more about all of the services that we have to offer and get started with a quote and consultation by giving our team a call today.

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