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Hydroseeding and Erosion Control

November 12, 2019

Erosion control in Toledo, OH is one of the greatest challenges to landscapers. Creating a lush, healthy and attractive landscape in areas that are susceptible to erosion is no easy task. Wind, rain, wildlife and other natural elements are constantly working against the efforts you make.

To effectively battle these causes of erosion, landscapers have turned to hydroseeding control in Toledo, OH. This process involves spraying a mixture of fertilizer, seed and mulch (called slurry) over the soil. A bonding agent holds the mixture together, so it effectively coats the ground, cultivates growth and prevents erosion. Following are a few of the benefits of this top method for erosion control in Toledo, OH.

It’s fast

Conventional techniques for erosion control in Toledo, OH can be very time consuming. Hydroseeding control in Toledo, OH requires about half the time. It also produces faster results. The slurry mixture helps the seeds take root for faster growth. Further, the slurry offers high water retention, so seeds receive the moisture they need. As a result, you’ll experience initial sprouts as soon as three days after application. This quick growth effectively prevents soil erosion.

It’s efficient

Methods that use hay and straw to protect freshly planted seeds are often highly inefficient. Wind and wildlife easily remove the hay, and the material can also create a mess that requires cleanup. Hydroseeding slurry attaches quickly to the soil, which eliminates these issues. With better results and less work required, it offers an efficient solution for erosion control in Toledo, OH.

It’s versatile

If you choose other methods of planting to prevent erosion, you’re limited in the type of seeds you can plant. Hydroseeding control in Toledo, OH allows you to work with grass, wildflowers, pasture mixes, native plant life and more. Choose whatever seeds you’d like to plant. You can create a custom mix to fit your landscaping needs. You can even use this method without seeds, simply to stabilize the soil.

It’s safe

Hydroseeding is nontoxic. It does not pose a hazard to animals, plants or the environment. It’s also safe to use around humans, so you can safely employ this method for erosion control in Toledo, OH around your property. Additionally, it won’t leave stains on your home or car.

It’s economical

Hydroseeding control in Toledo, OH costs about one fourth of the price of sod. It also requires less maintenance, making it even more affordable. If you’re looking for an economical solution to your erosion problem, hydroseeding is your top choice.

Get the solution

For experts in erosion control, contact the team at Klumm Bros. Established in 1989, our company is dedicated to providing top erosion control and seeding services. After excavation or demolition, we properly prepare your site for whatever comes next. We adapt our versatile solutions to suit the needs of your site and conditions, using the best equipment and methods available. We can combine our services or book them individually. For more information on hydroseeding or to get an estimate, contact Klumm Bros. today.

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