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Follow These Important Demolition Safety Precautions

February 1, 2020

It is absolutely crucial that your company follow all safety precautions during every phase of construction, from demolition to building and more. The construction industry is subject to a number of regulations that guide the safety precautions you must implement, but these are just the bare minimum requirements you’ll need to follow. It behooves you to implement as many safety precautions as possible to ensure a safe demolition process.

Here are just a few examples of some of the most important demolition precautions you can employ before beginning work at a site in Toledo, OH:

  • Use the correct equipment: Employees should have a thorough understanding of the equipment that must be used (and worn) throughout the demolition process. Any employees who will be working on the demolition itself should be trained in all of the equipment they will be using. In addition, it is important for the contractor to ensure all equipment is in good operational condition and is up to date to be compliant with all current industry requirements. Safety equipment employees should use includes masks, gloves, work boots and hard hats, as well as safety glasses in some cases.
  • Inspect before beginning: The pre-demolition inspection and safety check is an important item to have on your checklist. You should go into every room of a building to ensure everyone and everything have been removed, and make sure everyone is at a safe distance away from the building before demolition starts. During demolition, the building should be monitored by employees to ensure no one without proper authorization gets close to the site.
  • Brace all walkways and ceilings: There may be a point at which someone will need to enter the building during the process, which means it is important for ceilings and walkways to be braced before entry can occur. This gives some extra support to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Make sure all employees are properly trained: Only experienced, highly-trained employees should handle the more dangerous aspects of demolition, which includes the use of the explosive materials that may be used during the demolition process. These employees should be professional, mature and experienced, having demonstrated that they’re capable of handling the responsibility associated with using explosive materials on a job site. The work these employees do and the training they have received will help prevent accidents from occurring during the demolition.
  • Clean up with proper equipment: Once it’s time to begin the cleanup process, you should ensure all employees are outfitted with the proper equipment and apparel. This includes not just the proper safety attire described above, but also sufficient tools for lifting and removing rubble and debris. Only authorized employees should be allowed to be present during the cleanup process, as there are still plenty of dangers associated with this phase of the project.

Safety should be at the forefront of your mind any time you take on a demolition project. For more information about how we work to ensure demolition safety in Toledo, OH, we encourage you to contact Klumm Bros. today.

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