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How Are Demolition and Deconstruction Different?

February 12, 2020

You may have heard the terms “demolition” and “deconstruction” used interchangeably, but they’re actually two very different ways to tear down a structure. Which one you’ll choose depends on your objectives.

In short, demolition’s main objective is to either partially or completely tear down a building or structure. While some owners choose to salvage or recycle parts of the structure, it’s not the primary goal in the demolition process in Toledo, OH. Deconstruction, on the other hand, aims to take apart the building piece by piece, preserving as much as possible. This means that deconstruction takes significantly longer than demolition.

If you’re deciding between demolition and deconstruction in Toledo, OH, call Klumm Bros. We can help you decide which method is right for your next project:

  • Goals: First, you’ll need to discuss your goals for the project. Are you taking down a structure with a lot of salvageable materials or that possesses some sort of historical value? If so, it may be worth your while to consider deconstruction—once you get a quote, you’ll have a better idea of whether that will work with your budget.
  • Timing: How long do you have to spend on this demolition? If you need to get something torn down in a hurry, demolition is a better option. Ask your contractor what kind of timeline each method will entail.
  • Budget: You need to know how much your demolition contractor charges for each method, but don’t forget to ask about any associated fees and costs that might come up during the process. For example, if you discover hazardous materials, how much will removal cost? How much are permits? On the other hand, you might qualify for tax deductions if you opt for deconstruction. Figuring out specific numbers will make it easier to decide where to put your focus.
  • Demolition risks: Some of the risks associated with demolition in Toledo, OH include collapsing structures, falling debris, noise pollution from explosives and harm to nearby structures. Part of creating a demolition strategy involves identifying potential risk factors, removing them as much as possible and deciding on a plan to get around anything else remaining.
  • Deconstruction risks: There aren’t as many risks with deconstruction, thanks to its slower and more methodical nature. The main risk associated with deconstruction is harm to the manual laborers who are taking the structure apart, piece by piece. Otherwise, it’s generally a safer and greener process, despite taking longer.

Ultimately, while both methods have their benefits, which one you choose usually depends on your specific project. Those who are hoping to maximize their environmental efficiency and have a longer timeframe may opt for deconstruction, while shorter timelines and smaller budgets might opt for demolition.

Demolition and deconstruction services in Toledo, OH

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