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COVID-19 and Job Safety in Waste Management

July 31, 2020

Residential waste management remains an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic in Toledo, OH. While trash collection and other waste disposal services are necessary, they must also be conducted safely so we do not put our workforce at risk and cause larger problems from a labor shortage. Klumm Bros. is committed to containing COVID-19 spread and keeping our customers and employees safe. Here are six precautions being taken now to reduce the risks of COVID-19:

  • Adjust attendance policy: A primary concern is that workers will face reduced wages as COVID-19 affects work attendance. If there are penalties, exposed workers may attend work anyway and likely spread the disease. Therefore, absences are excused for union employees who need to take time off to care for a sick family member who was exposed to COVID-19 or manage childcare while schools and daycares close due to the virus. This removes these disincentive penalties and allows people to place health and safety first.
  • Quarantine leave: Employees exposed to COVID-19 receive up to 14 days of paid leave when they are subject to quarantine. The same policy extends to employees who must care for family members who are also exposed and quarantined. This is another way to encourage those who are possibly sick to stay home and avoid spreading infection.
  • Maintain benefits: COVID-19-related leave will not affect leave balances and benefits. If employees are unable to come to work due to required quarantines, sick family members or other public health concerns, they will receive paid leave no matter their current sick or vacation time balance.
  • Volunteers for layoffs: Waste management will always be in demand, especially as people stay home and create more garbage and recycling. However, if business decreases enough that we must consider layoffs, we will request volunteers first rather than target specific employees. This way, those who feel they are best prepared to be out of work can protect those who are more desperate to keep their jobs.
  • Increase time off: It has been recommended that employees receive additional paid time off to cover COVID-19-related concerns. Right now, people feel pressure from closed schools and daycares and family members who face exposure. They may also face reduced hours and pay due to changing business scenarios and the effects on their paychecks. Paid time off can offset these challenges by not adding financial burdens to health and safety concerns.
  • Communication: If an employee is exposed to COVID-19, there is a communication system in place to let other workers know. That way, anyone who faces exposure can secure a test and start quarantine before more people are exposed. This keeps the disease contained and prevents an outbreak on our premises. This is especially important because our services involve public contact, and it is easy for us to unintentionally contribute to spreading COVID-19.

Klumm Bros. offers residential waste management services in Toledo, OH. We are taking precautions during this time so we can preserve our workforce and keep our customers safe. Contact us today if you require trash collection services that are conducted safely and efficiently.

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