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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Excavating Contractor

October 19, 2020

Commercial construction projects include many elements that must come together to get the work done. Completing a major building project depends on multiple contractors coordinating with one another and sticking to an agreed-upon schedule. Many of these projects rely on the completion of excavation work. When looking through your options for commercial excavation contractors in Toledo, OH, you’ll want to consider the following factors.

How to choose the right commercial excavating contractor

Reliable excavation services play a crucial role in the progress of any commercial construction endeavor. When you have a variety of companies that provide excavation services in Toledo, OH, you have to consider which business offers you the highest quality work along with the best in customer care:

  • Experience: It might seem like excavation service in Toledo, OH is a straightforward project. However, excavation requires years of on-the-job experience that have taught professionals how to handle situations, regardless of what arises. For example, Klumm Bros. has more than three decades of excavation experience in Lucas County. We’ve worked with a range of commercial developers and understand the nuances of excavating the land in our area.
  • Reputation: An excavator with years of experience handling projects throughout the local community for residential and commercial clients earns a business a certain reputation. While an excavation company can’t please everyone 100 percent of the time, the contractor you hire should maintain a highly regarded reputation among customers and other professionals. Ask for references, and go online to research any excavation business you’re considering.
  • Equipment: As you meet with different excavation companies, you want to ask them about the equipment they’ll use for your project. How regularly do they perform manufacturer-recommended maintenance tasks? How old is the machinery? Hiring a company that doesn’t take good care of its equipment can shine a negative light on their approach to other parts of their business.
  • Credentials: When you’re hiring a commercial excavator, they need to be licensed, insured and bonded. These credentials ensure a certain level of quality, along with protecting your investment. While a friend of yours might have the equipment to perform excavation tasks, they don’t have the credentials to safeguard you from delays, failures, mistakes, accidents and other unfortunate circumstances that slow down progress and cost you more money and time.
  • Cost: You’ve set a specific budget for this project. Many people find the temptation of low bids on excavation very appealing. But if one excavator comes in significantly lower than others, this is cause for concern. When you go with the cheapest option, you get what you pay for—usually a lot of hassles, excuses and downtime.

Since 1989, commercial developers throughout Lucas County have called Klumm Bros. to meet their excavation and demolition needs. We invest in high-quality equipment that we regularly maintained. Our team consists of highly-trained professionals that our clients can trust on the job. Upon learning the details of a project, we tailor services to meet your needs, so you’re paying for the work required. We’re proud to serve the community as one of the premier commercial excavation contractors in Toledo, OH. Contact us today to discuss your excavation project.

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