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What Are the Laws for Cleaning Up After Building Demolition in Toledo, OH?

November 26, 2020

At some point, property owners will decide to knock down a building to construct something more profitable and appealing. It’s the way of development. Building materials aren’t indestructible, and sometimes older structures need to make way for something new and exciting. However, once you’ve demolished a building, the site isn’t automatically ready for new construction. There is a strict set of regulations in the Toledo area that demolition crews must follow to stay on the right side of the law.

The rules of demolition cleanup

Site demolition cleanup isn’t as simple as it may sound to the average person. Here’s what a demolition contractor in Toledo, OH needs to do following the destruction of a building:

  • Every structure that isn’t in the public right-of-way should be removed entirely, including drive approaches, curb cuts, entrance steps, outside stairways, walkways, slabs, fences, terraces and more.
  • Walls should be lowered to a depth of 18 inches below the current grade of the property.
  • Any floors that exist below the existing grade of the land should be demolished and removed to allow for proper drainage.
  • Water is a necessary component when performing a project that will kick up a significant amount of dust. Demolition companies may use Toledo city fire hydrants for that express purpose.
  • During the demolition process, thoroughly secure the site to prevent theft or harm to potential trespassers.
  • When your demolition contractor in Toledo, OH, is finished with the cleanup process, your site should be entirely cleaned and graded to the same level as the prior grade.
  • Properly dispose of all demolition materials at a licensed landfill.
  • The property needs enough grass seed applied to it to ensure that a new patch of grass will sprout on the surface.
  • Completely remove any underground storage tanks. This often requires a special permit.
  • All demolition materials should be kept secure during demolition to avoid creating a public nuisance.
  • You must complete the entire demolition project within the period of time established by the permit.

A lot of observers may operate under the assumption that demolition cleanup is just a matter of hauling off the items left over once the wrecking ball stops swinging. As you can see, that’s not the case at all. Proper demolition cleanup requires permits, experience and talent to carry out.

Work with the experts

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