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Six Ways to Improve Your Recycling Game

April 28, 2021

Reducing, reusing and recycling—the three Rs—are crucial in reducing our carbon footprints and helping to save the environment. While all three Rs are fairly simple to understand and practice, many of us could be better at recycling.

This post from your experts in concrete recycling in Holland, OH will cover a few easy ways to ensure you’re the best recycler on the block.

Think before you buy

Being a better recycler starts at the store when you’re shopping for groceries or other goods. When you’re deciding between two comparable products, go for the one with recyclable packaging. Better yet, look for the items that have less packaging overall.

Thankfully, many companies are becoming more environmentally conscious, so finding the goods with eco-friendly packaging isn’t as hard as it used to be.

Buy recycled products

You should also make a habit of shopping for recycled products when you’re at the store. When you buy recycled goods, you help reduce landfill waste and encourage manufacturing methods that limit resource usage. Similar to the point above, recycled products are becoming easier and easier to find at the store.

Read guidelines carefully

It’d be nice if there weren’t any recycling rules, and you could just toss whatever you want into your recycling bin. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Local recycling instructions can change on the fly, meaning you might not be able to recycle certain items anymore.

If you ever have any questions about what can and cannot be recycled, just call our team at Klumm Bros. From residential hauling to concrete recycling in Toledo, OH, we know all of the local regulations.

Clean your recyclables

One of the easiest tips on this list is to empty and rinse your recyclables before you put them in your bin. Getting rid of any leftovers and cleaning out the container helps ensure more products can be recycled and keeps pests and critters out of your bins.

Keep it simple

Residential and concrete recycling in Holland, OH can get a bit confusing for some folks, especially with constantly changing rules about what can and cannot be recycled. If you aren’t sure if something can be recycled, don’t put it in the recycling bin. Trying to recycle something that’s off-limits does a lot more harm than good.

Don’t focus exclusively on recycling

Remember, it’s not solely about recycling when it comes to doing your part to help the Earth. The other two Rs—reduce and reuse—are equally as important as recycling. In addition to reducing and reusing, you could also consider starting a compost pile. Compost piles are easy to set up and can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Call our team to haul your recycling

Whether you need to hire someone for concrete recycling in Toledo, OH for your business or a recycling pickup service for your home, be sure to choose the experts at Klumm Bros. Give us a call today to learn more about our recycling solutions or to get a quote.

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