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What to Do When Your Trash Gets Heavy

May 12, 2021

When you think of a waste management employee, you may picture a burly man with large muscles. While that may be true in some cases, it doesn’t mean that employees at dump trucking companies in Lucas County, OH can (or even want to) lift heavy bags of trash all day long.

Our team at Klumm Bros. recommends limiting bag weight to about 30 pounds and keeping bin weight around 200 pounds. This post will cover everything else you should know about heavy trash bags and bins.

Why is heavy trash a problem?

Overweight bags and bins are a problem for two reasons: injuries and equipment malfunctions. Picking up heavy trash bags all day can lead to painful shoulder or back injuries that may never fully heal. Although it’s not as serious as an injured employee, heavy bins can break the lift arms on our trucks.

To keep our employees and dump trucks safe, please keep your bags and bins under our recommended weight!

How to avoid heavy trash bags

You can help lighten the load for dump truck services in Holland, OH with a little bit of effort. Here are a few ways you can reduce your waste and trash weight:

  • Watch what you buy: Giving us a smaller trash load starts when you’re at the store. Instead of buying in bulk, consider purchasing in smaller quantities. Fewer items at your house means lighter trash bags down the road. Plus, buying too many perishable items at once raises the chance that the goods will go bad before you enjoy them.
  • Recycle what you can: All of your refuse doesn’t have to go in trash bags. Instead, buy a recycling bin and place all your recyclable materials in that. This small step reduces trash weight and helps the environment. At Klumm Bros., we’re capable of hauling off both your recyclables and trash, so there’s no reason to hire multiple companies.
  • Purchase smaller bags: Another easy way to help dump truck services in Holland, OH is to purchase smaller trash bags. Small bags obviously can’t handle as much trash, so they’re bound to be lighter than those bigger ones. Just be sure to watch how full you’re filling your trash bin. Bins over 200 pounds can damage lift arms.
  • Wait until the next trash day: We know that some trash has to go out right away. One or two smelly trash bags can stink up your whole house! But if some items aren’t smelly and your trash is getting heavy, hold onto them until the next trash collection day. This will make your bags lighter without causing odor problems.

Let us handle your trash and recycling

Look no further than Klumm Bros. if you need to hire someone to haul off your trash or recycling after a major project. Our friendly service and affordable rates make us one of the best dump trucking companies in Lucas County, OH. Get in touch with our team today to get an estimate for disposing your waste.

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