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Nine Questions About the Future of Waste and Recycling in 2021

June 28, 2021

It’s nearly impossible to think about the future without considering the state of our planet. A major factor affecting the future of the planet is how we dispose of our waste. As the world’s population grows exponentially, there is more waste than ever to take care of.

Recycling is more of a focal point than ever, and this includes industrial materials like concrete. If you live in Lucas County, OH, hiring a dump trucking company to handle your industrial waste would be wise. Here are nine questions and answers about the future of waste disposal and recycling.

Can recycling be done profitably?

The short answer is yes, although it will require a combined effort from everyone, including citizens and governments and investments from various companies. A small injection of capital now could mean profitability later.

How would a circular economy help facilitate more recycling?

A circular economy means that products like plastics are designed and manufactured in a way that allows them to be recycled, reused or broken down organically. This could also create more jobs in addition to being environmentally conscious.

What technological advancements in waste collection might we see?

Waste collection is getting more efficient and cutting edge all the time. Electric vehicles and enhanced waste-sorting technology like cameras or computers appear to be on the horizon.

Is it safe to work in the waste collection industry?

A 2019 federal study showed that waste collection fell out of the top five most fatal professions, but the threat of COVID-19 as well as the nature of the work still present ongoing safety challenges in the waste disposal industry.

Do landfills have a future in waste disposal?

Despite the numerous issues they present, yes, landfills will continue to operate in the near and probably distant future.

What are some specific concerns when it comes to landfills?

The focus here is on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and their presence in the waste stream. These are “forever chemicals” that are present in everything from raincoats to kitchenware, and they’ve been known to cause cancer.

Can the recycling process be improved?

Yes, and one way is to make the process easier for everyday people. Germany uses a simple color-coded system that shows what to recycle and how. Making that process easier leads to less contamination in the recycling stream.

What is the economic outlook for the waste collection industry?

The financial outlook for the future of waste disposal is terrific. The publicly traded companies are performing well, and the pandemic underscored waste disposal’s importance.

Will we see policy changes regarding waste disposal in the next few years?

It appears that the Biden administration is placing an emphasis on environmental sustainability, and that would likely include policy initiatives in the realm of waste disposal.

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