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Five Reasons Why a Building May Need to Be Demolished

January 10, 2022

It might seem like it’s easier to destroy something than to create it. And for the most part, that’s true. But conducting a satisfactory demolition takes a great deal of planning and work, in addition to an ample amount of knowledge and skill.

Knowing when you should get a building demolished isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. For whatever reason, the building you’re targeting may or may not be a good candidate for demolition. So, before you call a professional demolition company, take note of these five reasons a building should be demolished.

Problems with the foundation

All structurally sound homes have a solid foundation. Problems with older buildings that have structural issues can generally be traced back to the foundation. For whatever reason, it’s possible that the building’s foundation has degraded or become weakened. If you’ve noticed that the earth has shifted underneath the structure or that its foundation has begun to fall apart, it may be wise to contact a professional demolition company.

Changes in building codes or zoning laws

Sometimes it’s not the structure itself that has changed, but the laws regarding construction. With an eye toward the future and a focus on the environment, many building codes and zoning laws are being changed around the country. This can put building owners in a tough spot. If you have a building that would be cost-prohibitive to change to get it up to code, you may want to consider demolition.

Old age

So, when should you get a building demolished? Sometimes a building is just too old to fix. This only goes for non-historic buildings, as those have cultural significance and are usually protected by local ordinances. But old buildings, especially in the commercial sector, can present a problem, even if they’re largely fine from a structural standpoint. The plumbing and ventilation are usually lacking, and sometimes an old building’s appearance can inhibit potential growth of your company if you leave it standing.

Hazardous materials, mold or vermin

Old buildings that haven’t been inhabited in a while can attract living visitors that no property owner wants to see or deal with. Whether it’s mice or insects, the pervasive presence of pests can be one of the better reasons to demolish a building.

This goes for any mold that may have cropped up as well. Poor ventilation and excess moisture can lead to mold forming in areas where it cannot be seen or appropriately dealt with. Add onto this the fact that old buildings may contain hazardous materials like asbestos, mercury or lead, and you can see why they might need to be demolished.

Owner wants to sell a vacant lot

Sometimes the decision to demolish a building is purely financial. Depending on the size of the lot and the condition of the building, the owner of the lot could stand to make more money if the lot is sold without an old and decrepit building than if it’s included in the sale. The goal is to make the site appealing, and many times demolishing an older building can help achieve that goal.

Call for your demolition today

When should you get a building demolished? For any of the five reasons above and more. For your demolition, call the team at Klumm Bros. We’re a professional demolition company with over 30 years of industry experience, and we’re dedicated to making sure our customers are satisfied with any and all of the services we provide.

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