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Deconstruction vs Demolition

October 21, 2022

When it comes to taking down a building or other structure, it can be difficult to understand the process and truly know what is going on. Demolition and deconstruction are both used to take down structures, but they are not the same thing. Knowing the difference between the two can help you determine what is going to work best for you.

Demolition vs Deconstruction

Most people think of demolition when they think about taking down a building or structure. It involves tearing down everything with no real worry or concern about ensuring that you are saving any pieces or that you are preserving anything. Demolition is most often used when it comes to a building or a structure that does not have a ton of parts or pieces that are going to be usable. It may also be used in cases where the building has been condemned, where it is dilapidated or falling down, and where there is not going to be anything that can be reused.

Deconstruction is taking the building or other structure down and making sure to take pieces and save as much as you can. This is often used in cases where a building is not too old or where plenty of usable material is still present and can be used for other purposes. This is a great way to help keep debris out of landfills and reuse what can be reused.

Deconstruction vs Demolition Contractors

Now, when it comes to the cost of these two services, demolition is going to cost a little bit less than deconstruction for a few reasons. First, demolition is going to be easier for the contractor that is taking on the project. They can smash and demo easily and do not have to worry about preserving anything or making sure that they save materials. Instead, they are able to demo quickly, they can move on with the project faster, and they are not going to have to worry about taking materials to be used again.

Another difference is that a demolition contractor will not have to have a ton of special equipment to take down the structures and take down the materials to be used again. Both are great services and both have their place in the world. Taking the time to learn what these two things are and what is going to work for your demolition project can make a big difference.

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