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What Happens To a Building After Demolition?

November 21, 2022

It might interest you to know what happens to demolished buildings. These buildings go through an interesting process after the wrecking crew finishes with them. Here’s some information on what occurs at that time.

Some Items Go to a Landfill

Some items from a demolished home get sent to a landfill, and some are discarded. Certain items are unable to be recycled because of their condition. Those include any items that have been contaminated with harmful material, such as asbestos or chemicals. Those items will get eliminated right away. 

Some Items Get Salvaged

Some items are saved for future construction projects and other purposes. For example, concrete and bricks could be useful for future products because they can be used to create concrete aggregate. A lot of the wood inside these structures can be recycled as well. If the wood has been kept dry and remains in excellent shape, it can be used to make another gorgeous-looking house. Some people have misconceptions about this "old" wood, but it could serve well in a future project. 

Some Metals Go to a Scrapyard

Some items go to a scrapyard and get sold and recycled. Almost all metal, especially steel items, gets recycled into productive materials for other projects. 

Glass items are typically recyclable if they are not mixed with other materials. They can be used in future projects and can save money for the site builders in the process. 

Concrete is a material that cannot be recycled. The problem with recycling it is that it’s mixed with a variety of contaminants that make it non-reusable. Sometimes, companies perform a downcycling process with concrete, however. In this process, the provider uses shredded concrete as aggregate. However, the process is quite complex and time-consuming. 

Carpeting usually doesn’t get recycled because the process is so difficult. 

Drywall is almost always recycled because it’s a highly recyclable material. It gets treated the same way as wood and paper and is used for a variety of alternative products and creations. 

To recap on what happens after a building is demolished into its numerous parts:

  • Some items get recycled for future projects, like new homes.
  • Some items get downcycled into usable materials, like aggregates.
  • Some items go to landfills and get discarded because they are contaminated.

The majority of items from demolitions are useful, but those that have come in contact with hazardous materials cannot be reused. 

Can Buildings Be Recycled?

For the most part, a building can be recycled, since most of its components can be recycled. You’ll need to hire a reliable demolition team to have the most positive experience with everything and get the most out of the building’s remains. Klumm Bros. has been providing such services in several counties in Ohio and is an excellent provider to seek if you need a building demolished. This provider can assist you with every part of the demolishment, cleanup, and aftermath processes. You can schedule a consultation to discuss your needs if you have an upcoming project to plan. 

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