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The History Of The Dump Truck

February 27, 2023

A dump truck is a piece of heavy equipment used to transport large volumes of loose materials like dirt, gravel, and sand. They are a popular choice for landscapers, construction companies, and mining crews. The dump truck has a rich history that predates many other commercial vehicles. It was invented in Europe in the 1800s by a British engineer, Thornycroft. 

Despite being known for their shipbuilding and marine engineering, Thornycroft was also a notable manufacturer of commercial and military vehicles. Founded by John Isaac Thornycroft, the company built steam vans and lorries before transitioning to petrol vehicles in 1902. A few hundred yards from the original site in Basingstoke, Milestones Museum houses a collection of Thornycroft vehicles and other exhibits, mainly transport related. During World War I, Thornycroft produced destroyers, mine layers, and other types of military craft for the British navy. 

World War I was yet another major turn point in the history of dump trucks because it gave them huge demand for large trucks that would haul heavy payloads and dump them with ease. After the war, dump truck manufacturers continued to grow and began making a few smaller bodies that were easily installed on standard or converted Model T chassis. 

Then the invention of hydraulics in the early 1920s continued to improve the design of these trucks. This made them more efficient and allowed miners and railroad workers to add them to their fleets. In addition to being popular with mining companies, these trucks became a big seller for road construction outfits as well. Dump trucks were then designed for a variety of purposes, hauling rocks and gravel, dirt, refuse and most anything else that could be loaded onto them. 

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