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What Utility Companies Do I Need to Contact Before I Start a Demolition in Toledo, OH?

February 5, 2024

Before you begin any demolition project in Toledo, OH, it is crucial to ensure the safety of the process by contacting various utility companies. These companies are responsible for providing essential services like electricity, gas, and water to your property. By notifying them in advance and coordinating with their teams, you can prevent accidents, damages, and interruptions to your utility services during the demolition process. Here are the utility companies you should contact before starting a demolition in Toledo, OH: 

1. Electric Company: 

Contact your local electric company to inform them about your demolition project. They will guide you through the procedure and ensure that all electrical services to your property are temporarily disconnected during the demolition process. The company may also send a representative to assess the situation and provide additional guidance or assistance if necessary. 

2. Gas Company: 

Similarly, the gas company needs to know about your demolition plans in advance. Gas lines are sensitive, and accidental damage can be dangerous and costly. Reach out to your gas company and request them to disconnect the gas supply to your property before the demolition commences. They will ensure that all gas lines are capped, and the supply is safely disconnected. 

3. Water Company: 

Your local water company is responsible for water supply and ensuring its uninterrupted service. Inform them about your demolition project and ask for guidance on disconnecting the water supply during the process. They might send someone to access your water connections and ensure that they are safely disconnected before the demolition takes place. 

4. Sewage Company: 

Sewage services are vital for sanitation and environmental protection. Before starting a demolition, contact your local sewage company to discuss the necessary steps for disconnecting sewage lines and ensuring proper waste disposal during the demolition process. It is crucial to prevent any contamination or environmental hazards during the demolition. 

5. Cable and Internet Providers: 

While not as critical as the other utilities, contacting your cable and internet providers is necessary to avoid service interruptions and potential damage to their infrastructure. Inform them about the demolition project and discuss the steps required to ensure the safety of their cables and connections. They may provide guidance on how to protect their equipment or even temporarily discontinue services until the demolition is complete. 

6. Telephone Company: 

If you have a landline telephone service, contact your telephone company to inform them about the demolition project. The telephone lines might need to be temporarily disconnected or relocated to a different area for the safety of the demolition process. Coordinate with the telephone company to avoid any damage or inconvenience to their equipment and services. 

7. Waste Management: 

During a demolition, there will be a significant amount of debris and waste that needs to be disposed of properly. Get in touch with your local waste management company to make arrangements for waste collection and disposal. They will provide guidance on appropriate containers, recycling requirements, and any special precautions needed to manage the demolition waste efficiently. 

8. Tree Trimming Services: 

If your property has trees near the demolition site, consider contacting a professional tree trimming service. They will assess the situation and provide necessary pruning or removal services to ensure the safety of the demolition process. It might be essential to trim branches or even remove some trees if they pose a potential risk during demolition. 


By contacting these utility companies before starting a demolition in Toledo, OH, you are prioritizing safety and preventing any potential accidents, damages, or service interruptions. Coordinate with each company to ensure a smooth, well-planned demolition process while minimizing risks to yourself, your property, and the surrounding utilities. Remember, it’s better to be proactive and have constant communication with these utility companies to ensure a successful demolition project. 

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