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Do I Need a Permit for a Dumpster?

June 14, 2019

One of the most common questions we receive from people who are interested in our roll off dumpster services in Toledo, OH is whether or not they’ll need a permit to place the dumpster on their property. Typically, you’ll only need to worry about permits if the container will be placed on a street, sidewalk or other type of public property. In such a case, you’ll need to get a right-of-way permit from your local public works or building department.

If the dumpster is to go in a driveway or other privately-owned space, however, you will not need to get a permit. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, you may need to seek the HOA’s permission before you place a dumpster in a visible area.

The process for obtaining a dumpster permit shouldn’t be too difficult, and the team at Klumm Bros. is certainly able to answer any questions you have about the permitting process. However, before you seek a permit, you should consider where you’ll be placing your dumpster so you know whether or not such a permit will be necessary. We can provide you with some suggestions based on the layout of your property, but here are some general tips you should keep in mind when determining the location of your dumpster:

  • Access: The company from which you rent the dumpster will need to have easy access to the drop-off site. If you’ve got a large rural property, you can’t expect the dumpster company to go off-roading to get to where you want the dumpster to be located.
  • Surface: You never want the container placed on soft ground, such as grassy or muddy areas, as it could easily start to sink as you fill it up and cause some serious damage to your landscaping. Make sure you select a hard surface. This is why driveways, roads and, in some cases, patios are your best bet for placing the dumpster.
  • Wheels: In most cases, the dumpster won’t just sit flat on whatever surface it’s dropped off at—the wheels are what will be between the dumpster and that surface. A lot of pressure gets put on these wheels as the weight of the dumpster increases, so to reduce the risk of damage to your surfaces, it can be a good idea to put some plywood boards underneath the wheels. That helps to take off some of the pressure and prevent damage that can’t be undone to your patio or driveway.
  • Job site: Where are you doing the work that will result in the trash going into the dumpster? It’s a good idea to get the dumpster placed as close to your job site as possible so you don’t have to haul materials and garbage too far.

Keep all of these tips in mind, and you shouldn’t have too many problems getting your dumpster set up exactly where you need it to be. Contact Klumm Bros. for more information about roll off dumpster rentals in Toledo, OH.

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