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When Is Demolition Required?

October 3, 2019

At times, damaged structures in Toledo, OH can be salvaged. Through renovations and rebuilding, the structure can be revived and recreated into something new. At other times, buildings are beyond repair and demolition is required.

This process requires careful planning and consideration. Professionals typically choose demolition in one of four common circumstances. Following is an overview of these situations as well as a few tips on demolition considerations.

When a building is damaged

If an existing structure is damaged, property owners and builders may decide that it makes more sense financially to demolish the existing building and construct a new one. While it may seem counterintuitive to start from the ground up rather than reuse an existing structure, this is often the best option. This is especially true if the building is in disrepair, outdated or not up to current codes. Rather than try to rework everything, it is better to demolish the structure and start fresh.

When a building blocks progress

A damaged structure in Toledo, OH may also be demolished if it encroaches on other important structures, such as public transportation possibilities or utility lines. In these cases, the building may be demolished to make room for other opportunities or to grant better access to electrical or plumbing sources.

When a building poses a hazard

Safety is paramount when it comes to city planning. When construction occurs, it’s important to remove any potential hazards around the building site. Often, demolition teams must remove existing structures to make adequate room for new buildings. If nearby sites contain potentially hazardous materials, such as asbestos, demolition may also be chosen to clear these materials from the site.

When a building is expanded

Demolition may be chosen even if a building is not damaged. In cases where building expansion in Toledo, OH is desired, demolition may be used to make room for this growth. Previous structures surrounding the expansion may be demolished, or parts of the subject property may be demolished as part of the expansion process. For example, partial demolition may be used to alter a foundation or remove exterior walls in preparation for the expansion. These partial demolitions require controlled settings to ensure property safety and prevent personal injury and property damage.

Professional approach

Whether choosing partial demolition or a complete tear-down, it is essential that certified personnel be involved in the process. Demolition plans must be made carefully to follow proper safety measures. Proactive steps must be taken to prevent loss and ensure a smooth demolition. These experts can also recommend whether demolition is the best option to remove damaged structures in Toledo, OH or make room for expansion.

Get expert input

If you’re considering the demolition of damaged structures in Toledo, OH, contact the experts at Klumm Bros. We provide commercial, industrial and residential demolition, excavation, concrete crushing, concrete removal, dump trucking and other services. We’ve been the area’s premier demolition source since 1989. Our services can be combined or booked individually, depending on the specific needs of your project. For more information, or to start your estimate, call Klumm Bros. today.

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