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Why You Should Perform Hydroseeding

April 10, 2020

Hydroseeding is a process that involves the combining of seed, fertilizer, mulch and other soil amendments with water in a tank to create a slurry. The resulting slurry then gets applied (while pressurized) to the surface for the seeds to germinate and the turf to develop.

There are a variety of benefits associated with the use of this process. Here’s a quick overview of some of them:

  • Coverage: One of the biggest benefits of hydroseeding in Toledo, OH is just how thick the coverage can be once it’s complete. When performed correctly, hydroseeding results in a uniform lawn that has interlocking fibers, making for an ideal growing environment without some of the patchy areas you’d find with hand seeding. This means there’s a barrier in place that will ensure the seeds remain stable and capable of retaining fertilizer, moisture and other important nutrients.
  • Quality: The quality of lawns developed through hydroseeding is much higher than other types of seeding. You get healthier, greener and longer-lasting grass than you’d get from sod or hand seeding. Even when performed for the first time, hydroseeding will yield superior results, because the seeds are going to be able to hold up better to potential external problems and stresses, as it’s been adjusted to the soil conditions in the area. There are fewer weed seeds in hydroseeding, no soil layering and protections against washout and erosion.
  • Cost effective: Aside from quality, the biggest concern customers are going to have with a process like hydroseeding is with the associated cost. The good news is that hydroseeding is an extremely cost-effective process. In fact, it’s the most economical choice you’ll find for the results you get. It doesn’t take nearly as much time as hand seeding or sodding, and the material costs and installation costs are lower. In general, you can expect to pay 50 to 80 percent less than you would for sod, and that’s not even including the labor costs that come with sod installation. The combination of savings in materials and installation can result in you being able to save a very large amount of money.
  • Versatility: Hydroseeding is becoming popular not just for its quality and cost effectiveness, but also for its outstanding versatility. It is being frequently used in a wide range of applications and job sites. Sure, you can use it on a residential lawn, but you can also use it at landfills, in city parks, on roadsides, for repairing wildlife, for erosion control or hillside stabilization and many other types of applications. Any time you need to seed a large area at a reasonable price with high-quality results, hydroseeding is going to be your best bet.
  • Speed: While you’re not going to immediately have grass like you would with sodding, you’re still going to have a lawn that starts growing within a week with proper watering, and one that will be fully established after about three or four weeks.

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