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What Is Typical with Commercial Waste?

August 5, 2020

Commercial waste is defined as any type of trash or waste generated through commercial operations. This means it does not include any industrial, household or agricultural waste.

Commercial businesses of all types must consider how they will manage and dispose of their waste. The good news is that there are plenty of waste management companies that will be able to help you develop a strategy for your waste management to ensure you’re able to dispose of all of your junk safely and efficiently, while also minimizing your environmental impact.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from a strong commercial waste management program in Toledo, OH.

Proper receptacles

One of the basic needs of any commercial waste management program is to have clearly marked receptacles to ensure all waste is properly categorized.

You’ll need to have enough trash cans throughout your premises for your guests and employees to dispose of their trash. You should also have bins labeled for recycling—you can significantly reduce your business’s impact on the environment by participating in commercial recycling programs to help you reduce the waste produced by your standard operations.

It’s not just the bins used by employees and guests that you need to consider, though—you should also make sure you consider any dumpsters you have on your property, which will be used to collect all of the waste put into those trash cans and hold them until your pickup day. How many dumpsters will you need? And, more specifically, how many trash versus recycling dumpsters will you need? Do you have a need for any special types of receptacles, such as for electronics, which must be disposed of separately from standard trash and recycling? Do you wish to place paper in its own separate category?

These are all questions that you should consider when planning out how you will deal with your commercial waste in Toledo, OH.

Data management and analysis

Waste management companies can also assist you with analyzing your waste production and management. This includes giving you holistic data related to how much waste your company produces within a certain amount of time. By analyzing this data, you should be able to find ways you can cut back on the amount of waste your company generates. This will also help you determine how many dumpsters you need, and what sort of schedule works best for trash pickup.

By analyzing all of this data, you will be able to devise waste-reducing initiatives to make your company more environmentally friendly. You can, for example, make it a goal to include your recycling so you can cut down on the amount of waste heading to a landfill. You can also make it a point to better categorize your waste.

So, what is commercial waste, and what are some of the steps you can take to better manage the waste your Toledo, OH company produces? We encourage you to contact Klumm Bros. today to learn more about how our dumpster rental services can benefit your company.

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