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What Can’t You Recycle?

February 23, 2021

Separating trash from recyclables is more complicated than you might think. Plastic water bottles are a no brainer, but plastic shopping bags are a different story. And just because glass jars are recyclable doesn’t mean glass dishware can go in the bin, too. Before taking out the trash on garbage removal day, take a look at what people in Holland, OH think is recyclable but actually is not.

Greasy pizza boxes

Cardboard is recyclable, but not if it’s soaked in grease. Any item with heavy food stains should go in the garbage, even if the material itself is listed as recyclable at the Holland, OH municipal center. Some containers like glass jars and plastic food tubs can go in the green bin as long as you thoroughly rinse them off first.

Ceramic dishware

People commonly believe that if glass is recyclable, the same goes for ceramic. But this is not the case—unlike glass bottles and jars, ceramic dishware has been treated with a special glaze so it can withstand the extreme temperatures inside an oven. As such, ceramic has a much higher melting point than typical glass products. Dishware that’s in good shape should be dropped off at your local donation center.

Styrofoam coffee cups

Many hope to save the planet by pitching their empty coffee cups in the recycling bin. Unfortunately, these and other Styrofoam products belong in the trash. Many restaurants are transitioning away from Styrofoam takeout containers because they’re not recyclable and can’t biodegrade either. On garbage removal day, look through the recycling bin and make sure you didn’t accidentally throw in some Styrofoam.

Plastic shopping bags

Yes, plastic is recyclable, and so are those grocery store shopping bags. But that doesn’t mean you should set them in your recycling bin. Bags are made with flimsy plastic that would easily tangle around the equipment at a recycling plant. Instead, find a grocery store in Holland, OH that collects used plastic bags for proper disposal. Stores might even let you reuse the bags as long as they’re clean.

Broken electronics

Similar to plastic shopping bags, that ancient iPod shuffle can’t go in with the normal recycling, either. Unless you find someone who enjoys collecting old electronics, you won’t find much luck selling off such products, even if they still operate. The only way to get rid of electronics, whether broken or otherwise, is to drop them off at a big box technology store. They’ll deliver your flip phones and tube TVs to a recycling plant that utilizes special methods for processing electronics.

Toys and sporting gear

Contrary to popular belief, not all types of plastic are recyclable. Children’s toys and sporting gear are treated with chemicals that would pollute the local water supplies, so don’t include them with the other recyclables on garbage removal day in Holland, OH. Unless they’re broken beyond repair, donate these items to a thrift store where someone else can put them to good use.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if an item is recyclable or not, and even if it is, there’s a right and wrong way to dispose of special items like electronics and plastic bags. Contact the sanitation experts at Klumm Bros. for a more detailed list of recyclable products.

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