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What Is Explosive Demolition or Implosion?

January 24, 2022

Demolition of a building is a surprisingly complex aspect of construction work. Dismantling a building via planned or controlled methods is considered demolition. More than just using a wrecking ball, demolition involves highly-trained experts. Demolition implosion is one method many contractors use on larger projects.

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Sometimes referred to as explosive demolition, this is easily the most dramatic way to demolish a structure and is often used for very large buildings. This involves utilizing explosives to clear a building’s primary vertical supports, which leads to the building collapsing in on itself. Placing the explosive charges and having them detonate in the right sequence are crucial to a safe and successful demolition.

There are many steps contractors will need to take for demolition implosion. This includes creating a blueprint for areas that need to be blasted. Then the site must be prepared through removing non-load-bearing walls, wrapping columns with fencing to prevent debris from flying and other tasks. Crews must determine which kind of explosives will be used and then time the detonation. Overall, this is a complex process that involves many safety hazard considerations.

Wrecking ball

Also referred to as crane-and-ball demolition, this is one of the most common and well-established methods of building demolition. Wrecking balls are often used to destroy concrete and other masonry structures. The ball is suspended via a cable, a crane or another piece of heavy equipment. The ball is then dropped or swung into the building, which simply crushes it through repeated strikes.

It’s necessary to have a highly-skilled and experienced crane operator for this demolition method. Swinging the wrecking ball in a controlled way is absolutely essential, as missing the target will easily tip or overload the crane. Demolition by wrecking ball creates a high volume of dust, noise and vibration.

High-reach arm

This is an alternative to explosive demolition and is used for taller buildings. This method involves using a base machine like an excavator fitted with a demolition arm. Demolition tools such as shears, crushers or hammers are attached to the end of the arm and are used to destroy the building. The machine will remove large parts of the structure and sort them for disposal. High-reach arm demolition is most frequently used on masonry, steel, concrete and mixed material buildings.

Selective demolition

For those who want to reuse or recycle parts of the building being destroyed, then selective demolition is a good alternative. Wood, brick and metal salvaged during the demolition process can then be used on new buildings. The primary goal of this technique is to recover the maximum amount of usable materials; however, this is a labor- and time-intensive process.

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