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The Process of Demolishing Buildings

December 26, 2022

When it comes to construction, building demolition can be an intriguing and exhilarating part of the construction process. While it may seem like a mystery, the truth is that understanding the answer to the question “how are buildings demolished?” is relatively simple and straightforward. In this article, we will discuss the process of building demolition so that you can understand it better and plan your construction project accordingly.

How are buildings demolished?

While there are several different ways a building might be demolished, the procedure tends to be relatively similar across all construction projects involving building demolition. Wrecking balls, explosives, and even bulldozers and swinging axes can all be used to demolish buildings. The building is usually broken down with large machinery, and then pieces are cleared from the site.

Preparing for demolition

Before we demolish a building, we must survey the property. This means that professionals within the field of construction work have to look at every aspect of the building. From the materials used for the creation of the building to the design of the building to how it was used before it was set to get demolished, building surveyors need to survey every part of the building.

Surveyors should also review the building codes and investigate the neighborhood’s outlook on disturbances. Surveying the building is essential to determine the safest way to not only demolish the building but also build the next property that follows the demolition.

After surveying the building, those conducting the demolition will want to remove materials that could be deemed hazardous or harmful. These include items made with asbestos, radioactive items, and any materials that may be flammable. Failure to remove these materials could result in injury and even death for the team working on the demolition and those surrounding the site. 

Once all hazardous materials have been cleared out, the team can move forward with creating an official demolition plan. 

Upon completing the demolition plan, the team can then enforce safety measures. The proper PPE, also known as Personal Protective Equipment, should be distributed to workers and used at all times on the demolition site. 

Once safety and unified planning are established, demolition can begin. Demolition can happen by imploding a building if it is a large structure or excavating it if it is a small structure. Some demolition methods require explosives, while others use dismantling techniques to take the property apart. 

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