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Benefits Of Hydroseeding

March 16, 2023

Benefits Of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is an inexpensive and effective way to create a lush lawn, cover bare areas, or prevent erosion.

Prevents Erosion

Erosion occurs when water runoff or heavy rain causes dirt, softer, nutrient-dense topsoil to be washed away from an area, especially sloped ground. It also can happen during periods of strong winds that blow the topsoil off the land. Hydroseeding prevents erosion in a variety of ways, from controlling runoff to stabilizing the soil. When trees and other vegetation are planted along slopes and hillsides, they stabilize the soil by growing deep root systems that lock it into place. These roots are also able to slow down rainwater runoff, minimizing the amount of soil that is washed away by excess water. 

Prevents Soil Loss

Hydroseeding is an innovative erosion control method that involves spraying a mixture of seed, water, fertilizer and mulch. The slurry promotes quick germination and inhibits soil loss. The slurry has a tackifier, which acts as a bonding agent and keeps seeds in place. This helps prevent erosion by preventing loose soil from being washed away in rain storms. The slurry is also designed to provide protection for the seed during the germination process. It has excellent water retention and holds up to 10 times its weight in moisture, which promotes germination.

Prevents Soil Disintegration

When hydroseeding is applied correctly, it creates a dense mat like a blanket that holds seed and moisture, helping speed germination. It also sticks well to the soil, which helps prevent it from being blown off by wind or washed away by rain. Erosion control is another benefit of hydroseeding. Because it clings well to sloped areas, it helps stabilize the ground surface and reduces erosion by wind, rain, and pests. Many commercial properties and road projects have steep grades that are difficult to seed with conventional methods. Using hydroseeding solves this problem by spraying a slurry on these difficult terrains.

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