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Here’s Why You Should Hire a Professional Demolition Company

November 4, 2021

Wondering whether you should hire a professional demolition company? As much fun as it might seem to take a sledgehammer to some walls, most demolition projects should be performed by a pro. Your health, safety and the structural integrity of your home or landscape require specific safety precautions and demolition techniques. Here’s why it’s important to work with a professional demolition company: Protect your property: Demolition presents plenty of hazards, both to workers and to the property itself. The last thing you want is to accidentally take out a support beam or other crucial part of your building or landscape.... View Article

What Are the Laws for Cleaning Up After Building Demolition in Toledo, OH?

November 26, 2020

At some point, property owners will decide to knock down a building to construct something more profitable and appealing. It’s the way of development. Building materials aren’t indestructible, and sometimes older structures need to make way for something new and exciting. However, once you’ve demolished a building, the site isn’t automatically ready for new construction. There is a strict set of regulations in the Toledo area that demolition crews must follow to stay on the right side of the law. The rules of demolition cleanup Site demolition cleanup isn’t as simple as it may sound to the average person. Here’s... View Article

Why You Should Hire a Professional Demolition Company

November 12, 2020

Are you getting ready to develop a new property? Is it time to knock down that old garage or shed to make room for something new? The biggest mistake you can make is to do it yourself. Not only is it a harder job than you might expect, but it can be dangerous and time-consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing. At the end, you’ll be left with a lot of junk and construction trash to haul away yourself. Here’s why it’s smarter to hire a professional demolition company in Toledo, OH: Prioritize your safety: Tearing down buildings and... View Article

What You Need to Know About Hiring a Demolition Contractor

October 5, 2020

Many construction projects begin with demolition. Existing buildings that no longer serve a purpose must come down to make room for new ones. Since most construction jobs rely on demolition services first, you want to find out how to sort through all of the demolition companies in Toledo, OH to find the right business to handle your job. Six tips for hiring the right demolition contractor As you begin your search for demolition contractors in Toledo, OH, you want to follow these tips to ensure you hire the right team. There’s no reason to waste your precious resources and time... View Article